Rep. Justin Amash in June. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Surely every American who values freedom owes a debt of gratitude to Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) for his July 5 op-ed, “Our politics is in a partisan death spiral, so I’m leaving the GOP.”

Though I hardly agree with Mr. Amash on any substantive issues, I respect and am grateful he has had the substantial courage to speak out against the atrocious actions and behavior of the current president and administration. Anyone who has watched the Republican Party in recent years knows that kind of courage is shockingly rare.   

But while announcing his new status as an independent, Mr. Amash put both parties in the same category, as if the Democratic Party is equally responsible for the current situation. While almost everyone would agree that Democrats can be too partisan at times, equating what has happened to the Republican Party with anything in the Democratic Party is false equivalence. Unlike Republicans, Democrats have not moved in lockstep with a president who exploits racism and acquires power by spreading hate. While Democrats are committed to the rule of law, Republicans fall in line when their president and attorney general use the Justice Department as if it were a law firm dedicated solely to the well-being of the president.  

Though I’m sure Mr. Amash considers himself no friend of the Democratic Party, our times and his actions deserve truthfulness; there is just no reasonable equivalence between the parties in creating the crisis that led Mr. Amash to take the action he has.

Marc Springer, Brookline, Mass.

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