House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks to the media at the U.S. Capitol on March 14. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

In his March 31 Outlook essay, “Why so many saw Mueller as a savior,” Paul Musgrave accurately described the many Democrats and self-described liberals who were desperate for a knight to slay the Trump dragon and so cast aside reason and critical thinking skills. But he could be wrong in describing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) long-range plan to “defeat [Trump] at the ballot box in 2020” as “inspirational” but unlikely to succeed.

Electoral success is possible if the Democrats embrace wholeheartedly popular and efficient programs including Medicare-for-all and higher taxes on the wealthy, tariffs, a revitalized Antitrust Division at the Justice Department and an end to American empire.

Unfortunately, Ms. Pelosi, for all her political savvy and tactical skills, is a timid strategist and an incrementalist. She is unlikely to embrace the changes to the Democratic platform and its modus operandi needed to bring about a long-term political realignment.

Hal Ginsberg, Kensington

The writer is state organizer of Our Revolution Maryland.