President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton at the White House on Feb. 23, 2000. (Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images)

Regarding Dino Grandoni’s May 22 The Energy 202 column, “A ‘middle ground’ plan for the climate drew fire. But what would it entail?”:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is searching for a “middle ground” on climate change, eh? It seems to me that Mr. Biden is always seeking the “middle ground.” In fact, this inclination to “seek compromises with Republicans,” as the article put it, has been the bane of the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton was president. Mr. Clinton came into office with his “Third Way” routine and reached across the aisle to seek compromise — and what did it get him? The Republicans responded with obstruction and a constant stream of invective, culminating in impeachment. In 2008, then-Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama trumpeted his eagerness to compromise. What was the result? More obstruction, and even more vicious invectives, accusations of criminality and an announcement after the 2010 midterms by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that the Republicans’ top priority would be to “deny President Obama a second term.”

Democrats have been seeking compromise for the past quarter-century, and all it has led to is a frustrating stay in the political wilderness, ever more radical Republican policies and President Trump.

As the old folk song asks, “When will they ever learn?”

Norman Michael Harman, Harpers Ferry, W.Va.