The United States Capitol on Nov. 14. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Regarding the Nov. 16 front-page article “A rallying cry for Democrats: Resist”:

The muddled message of national Democratic leaders doesn’t instill much confidence in their ability to affect the launch of the Trump administration, especially considering the party’s less-than-stellar reading of the political landscape during the election campaign.

Rather than having a hissy fit over the predictable hodgepodge of B-listers and “deplorables” that the president-elect has under consideration for filling his Cabinet and White House staff, why not employ some jujitsu by supporting one of the promises that elicited the most passionate response from the Trump coalition: congressional term limits. If Democrats in the House and Senate would support a constitutional amendment to cap service at three and two terms, respectively, they could drive a wedge between Donald Trump and the party that nominated him, perhaps making it easier for Democrats to cut deals with the new president in other areas.

Term limits would also help rid Congress of the Republican hard-liners whose intransigence has rendered the institution dysfunctional since that party took over the majority six years ago. So come on, Democrats, let’s sign on to the effort to “drain the swamp.”

Rob Abbot, Arlington