Virginia Del. Alfonso H. Lopez (D-Arlington), left, addresses an audience at the League of Women Voters forum in April in Arlington. (Patricia Sullivan/The Washington Post)

Regarding the May 14 Metro article “Questions over ethics are focus of Va. primary”:

Democrats need to avoid rubber-stamping incumbents facing primaries despite endorsements from loyal colleagues. If the legislative majorities flip in 2019, we need to move in an inclusive and transparent direction, not following the old “Virginia Way” steeped in racial neglect and pay-to-play corruption. Poor leadership can lead to some dangerous foxes guarding the Democratic Party henhouse.

I felt bullied in the Arlington Young Democrats when I joined in 2004, but I eventually gave up on party politics and stood by as my leader then, Del. Alfonso H. Lopez (Arlington), rose to whip of the House Democratic Caucus.

He recently described the Richmond crisis that involves serious allegations of racism and sexual assault as a “political hit job.” It revealed his obsession with partisan gamesmanship. Fortunately, in the #MeToo and social media era, we have more awareness of these issues, and personal integrity is becoming more important than ever.

Confronting this kind of behavior can be intimidating and make anyone want to find a new hobby, but when President Trump got elected, many Democrats truly learned that if you’re not sitting at the table, you’re eventually going to be on the menu.

Jim McBride, Fairfax City