In the Jan. 4 editorial “A new coach, a new name,” The Post claims that the Washington professional football team’s name is widely taken to be “offensive” and a “racist insult.” However, the paper that day used the name 13 times, in both the editorial and a Sports article about the team’s quarterback. If The Post truly believes what it prints, it should stop using the term.  

Larry Rigg, Arlington

Ordinarily when my paper arrives, the first thing I do is throw out the Sports section; I’d rather have root canal then sit through a football game. But I’m mesmerized by the Redskins drama. Now, I look at Sports first to get my daily dose of Snyder/Shanahan/RGIII and the “lucky” new coach. I think The Post should consider moving this topic to the Style section for all those people who care nothing for sports but love theater.

Richard Johnson, Potomac