Regarding Sarah Halzack’s Nov. 2 Style review, “A taut, fittingly chilling ‘Giselle’ ”:

When I saw the photo of the dancer Brooklyn Mack splashed across the Arts cover [“Tough guy in tights,” Oct. 27], I wished I could be in Washington to see the Halloween performance. Of course, I couldn’t. Then I read the review by Halzack and the vivid description of Mack “beating his legs like a hummingbird’s wings in his jumps” and realized that this was probably the next best thing to being there. That’s how much her review captured my attention and stirred my imagination.

David Tulanian, Los Angeles

A question about recent performances of the Washington Ballet has been whether they have been accompanied by live music or whether, because of costs, canned music was used. The Post has written interestingly on this. The Nov. 2 review of “Giselle” did not mention music at all, which in itself is peculiar for ballet criticism. If the performance was accompanied by an orchestra (or piano), not mentioning that fact made the review unfair to the Washington Ballet. If canned music was used, not mentioning it was unfair to readers.

Eric Griffel,

Chevy Chase