The April 30 editorial on food trucks, “On the move — and out of D.C.?,” makes one wonder, do aesthetics count anymore?

Everywhere you look in the District, your senses are offended. From the endless series of festivals on the Mall, with their port-a-johns, Jersey barriers, dumpsters and vendor tents selling T-shirts and pretzels, to the recently added protest tents, the city has a Third World look and feel to it. Every year, another monument or museum of questionable design takes up more open space on the Mall. The cherry blossom festival features a McDonald’s tent. The forested entrance to our city on New York Avenue has been sacrificed for a much celebrated Costco with precast concrete atop cement walls. It is embarrassing to bring visitors here.

The Post thinks food truck vendors are “urban life at its best.” For some real urban chic, why not add a graffiti wall as Venice, Calif., did? As for “snuffing out success,” isn’t that what government does when it outlaws sidewalk drug dealers and prostitutes?

This is the nation’s capital. Aesthetics should matter. Ugly sidewalk vending should be outlawed, not encouraged.

Christopher Brown, Woodbridge