In his May 20 op-ed, “Let’s cool our rhetoric on climate change,” Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) asserted that there is “great uncertainty associated with climate change.” This resulted in four letters to the editor (May 23), an op-ed column by Eugene Robinson (May 24) and a Free for All letter (May 25), all attacking Smith but essentially ignoring the issues he raised. If The Post received any positive input, it went unpublished.

Why not discuss the issues Smith raised, rather than attack him personally on the basis that climate change is completely understood and anyone who expresses uncertainty is either dumb or has his head in the sand? 

The assertion that this uncertainty exists is clearly true. I am a scientist (with no affiliation with either side of the issue) concerned about the motivation of anyone arrogant enough to state he knows the truth with certitude and who refuses to address questions.

Both sides of this issue have important things to say. A professional and open dialogue without the politics would be much more pleasant than what The Post presented.

Fred Crane, Keswick, Va.