A partner-owner of D.C.’s Midlands Beer Garden decorated the doghouse there with humorous signs after health department officials began enforcing a forgotten regulation that banned dogs from the patios of bars and restaurants. (Essdras M Suarez/For the Washington Post)

Regarding the Oct. 4 Metro article "Council lets dogs return to restaurant, bar patios":

It is disheartening that not a single member of the D.C. Council had the health and safety interests of the city's human residents in mind when voting to overturn an important and well-founded provision of the public-health code that has been in effect since 2003 (and probably before).

Cohabiting in an urban environment requires that people demonstrate a modicum of respect for their fellow residents. This means forgoing one’s own selfish interests for canine companionship to accommodate the fact that others have the right to safe, sanitary and nuisance-free enjoyment of the city. Overturning a carefully and legally formulated regulation with a hasty, scientifically unsupported legislative fiat is something we expect from the Trump administration, not from the D.C. Council.

Dine with doggies at home, but keep them out of food establishments, including restaurants, groceries and farmers markets, as the law has required for years.

Frank Proschan, Washington