Donald Trump in the GOP debate on Thursday. (John Minchillo/Associated Press)

Regarding the Aug. 7 front-page article “Trump roils GOP’s first debate”:

During the debate, Donald Trump bragged that he contributed money to a lot of politicians of all parties and said he expected access in return.

A moderator asked what he got in return for his donation to Hillary Clinton. His response: She attended my wedding.

The moderators missed a great opportunity to demonstrate their supposed lack of political bias in conducting the debate. They should have asked Mr. Trump what he had received from a former governor who was also taking part in the debate: Jeb Bush.

Mr. Trump may have opened a door to a broader discussion of money’s corruption of politics.

Leonard Belkin, Chevy Chase

Donald Trump is a true chess master in the business world, and it definitely shows in his political strategy in the Republican Party nomination process. Mr. Trump said he will run as an independent candidate should he not win the Republican nomination for president. Many Republicans have suggested that Mr. Trump’s win-at-any-cost attitude shows that he is not devoted to the GOP.

Brilliant strategy, Mr. Trump. Republican voters must wake up to their only option to win the White House: Make Mr. Trump the nominee, or he will divide the Republican vote in the general election as an independent candidate, which presumably will result in a Hillary Clinton win.

Calvin H. Gurley, Washington