Dramatic and misdirected Republican floor speeches invoking Pearl Harbor and beasts echoed in my head with past quotes from President Trump, including “nasty woman,” “witch hunt” and “sham,” and the overuse of exclamation points in the majority of written presidential communications to express strong meaning. Absent from Republicans was respect.

I watched in awe at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) propriety, dignity and respect. Personally, I’m hoping the House doesn’t move the articles to the Senate, whose leadership again will subject me to the sting of shrill accusations made mostly by old white men brandishing — again — those exclamation points. As a middle-aged white lady, I just can’t take much more of the mansplaining from suits who represent a shrinking perspective and demographic in the United States. At least I still plan to watch and read. The Constitution was defended.

As we move forward, I feel the country is damaged. Not just because we are split and deeply angry. All people in this country bring creativity, perseverance and optimism to create something out of nothing with the protections we are granted. As the Earth warms, wars rage and immigrants seek safety, all residing here need to keep creating and caring.

I hope people do not check out, that they stay engaged and defend the Constitution. It matters.

Susan Scott, Arlington