Egyptians hold candles at a vigil outside the Syndicate of Journalists in Cairo on Nov. 27. (Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images)

In its Nov. 29 editorial "Egypt's misguided terrorism answer," The Post in essence blamed Egypt's government for a terrorist attack in Sinai, the worst ever in our modern history, instead of the hateful extremist ideologies that have inspired this and other acts worldwide.

Rather than acknowledge that Sinai-based terrorist cells predate the current government or that, under President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, Egypt has dedicated billions of dollars to economic development in Sinai, The Post used this tragedy to condemn a vital ally of the United States in the war on terror. The contrast between its approach to this extremist attack and those committed elsewhere is troubling.

Instead of allowing extremists to divide us, we must reaffirm and reinforce our unity to defeat terrorism in all its forms. Egypt and the United States are working together to do just that. Recent military exercises between our nations focused on enhancing counterinsurgency capabilities, which is just one element of a robust security cooperation agenda. Simultaneously, Egypt's work with religious leaders to reassert Islam's peaceful and inclusive foundations, along with profound economic reforms, are strengthening communities and marginalizing extremist messages. And Egypt's diplomatic leadership to promote regional stability — from Libya to Lebanon — is further evidence of our shared resolve in confronting the root causes of terrorism.

Casting blame in the wrong places doesn't help. To succeed, we must collaborate on all fronts and not let the acts of extremists distract or divide us.

Yasser Reda, Washington

The writer is ambassador of Egypt to the United States.