I’m sorry that Henri Schauffler [letters, March 27] believes his health insurance company when it tells him why his premiums are going up so quickly. If he thinks they wouldn’t go up without the health-care reform law, he’s living in a fantasy world.

In my years of paying for health insurance, I don’t remember the premiums ever going down. Because my husband and I are retired and on a fixed income, we take a hit that will never be made up every time the premiums increase. But I’m so thankful that finally our country has taken a step in the right direction and tried to fix our health-care system.

Perhaps insurance rates for all of us will continue to increase for a while, but once everyone begins to pay into the system as a result of the individual insurance mandate, rates should stop constantly rising. If lawmakers would stop trying to destroy the health-care law before it has a chance to begin to work, and start cooperating on fine-tuning it, we’d all benefit.

Rheta Van Winkle, Woodbridge