Florida Avenue NE converges with 1st Street NE to help form “Dave Thomas Circle” in Washington. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

Regarding the Dec. 31 letter "Please fix the quagmire that is 'Dave Thomas Circle' ":

Come, come. I have been driving through that intersection frequently since 1957.

That so-called Dave Thomas Circle shouldn't be blamed either on Thomas or, for goodness' sake, on Pierre L'Enfant. Until the District Department of Transportation got its hands on the "problem," things there worked just fine.

Eastbound Florida Avenue traffic was guided gently up a little curved ramp onto eastbound New York Avenue. New York Avenue had normal traffic lights. Traffic on Florida Avenue was guided by a traffic light. This was a normal intersection with a lot of traffic.

Enter DDOT, trying to invent a circle where none had been previously. With a monstrosity of lanes, misplaced signs and myriad traffic lights, it created a dramatic cure for a disease that didn't exist, a cure that caused a disease that is now incurable.

Mark H. Furstenberg, Washington