Scott Saggio adjusts his weights during an Olympic weight-lifting class at District CrossFit SW in October 2014. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The Nov. 6 Health & Science article “Why workouts really do help you shed pounds” failed to discuss or even mention one of the most important factors regarding exercise, weight loss and weight maintenance: strength training.

It is very important what type of exercise you are doing. Aerobic exercise, while improving cardiovascular health, may not lead to weight loss unless that exercise also improves strength (or increases muscle mass). Essentially, strength training increases muscle mass, and muscles burn more calories than fat does. In fact, muscles continue to burn calories even after one has stopped exercising. As you are going about your normal daily activities, you are moving muscles and, hence, burning calories, and this leads to weight loss. Of course, one must also maintain a proper diet. That is why it is also helpful to build up or maintain strength in your core body muscles, because the core body muscles are used frequently when going about normal activities — even sitting at a desk.

Phil Christenson, Lothian