Recently Howard County legislators introduced a bill in the Maryland House of Delegates to change when county golf courses are permitted to begin selling liquor, from 11 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. [“Sun rises on golfer’s right to imbibe,” Metro, March 7]. Now, travel back in time to the Huguely-Love murder case. On the day Yeardley Love was killed, George Huguely V apparently “started drinking early that morning and continued on the course, becoming progressively more drunk, missing shots and telling incoherent stories in the clubhouse” [“From bar to tragic backdrop,” Style, Feb. 22].

The irony couldn’t be much starker. Research shows that one’s judgment does not fully develop until around age 25. Widening the window for the purchase of alcohol on the golf course only increases the opportunities for abuse of self and others.

Anne Reynolds, Arlington