Eugene Robinson [“The heat is on,” op-ed, Jan. 28] hit upon something I’ve explained to liberals many times. All of our efforts at installing solar panels and wind turbines, not to mention buying electric cars and installing energy-saving light bulbs, won’t mean much against the massive increases in energy production and carbon emissions resulting from the modernization of China, India and Southeast Asia.

I’ll add one more to Mr. Robinson’s list of fools: liberals who praise science, who talk of the need to confront global warming, but who refuse to accept nuclear power, along with renewables, as a vital component of carbon-reduction strategies. They say that it takes a long time to bring new nuclear plants on line when their intransigent “activism” is the very reason for that. They dismiss new reactor designs as mere pipe dreams, then go on to talk about how wind and solar power are “getting better every day.” Yeah, so would nuclear if they would get out of the way.

I’ll make it simple: Embrace nuclear or embrace your share of culpability in consigning us all to an overheated planet.   

Michael Vann, Alexandria