Alex Cline (running mate of candidate Jack Bergerson), Ethan Randleas, Tyler Ruzich and Dominic Scavuzzo talk to a crowd of students at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Kan., on Feb. 13. (Jeff Tuttle/For The Washington Post)

Regarding the March 3 front-page article “A minor trend in Kansas’s election”:

The students running for governor of Kansas are thoughtful and smart. They are correct in believing that adults in government have not served them well. In many cases, politicians are more interested in being elected and reelected than doing the right thing.

I served as a nurse at the 91st Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, South Vietnam. I held the hand of more than one dying 18-year-old. They had been drafted and sent to their deaths by politicians in Washington, some of whom had never served.

The teenagers in Kansas are to be applauded. I back them and the Florida teenagers fighting for gun control. They are brave and courageous, and I salute them.

Majorie Powey, Williamsburg, N.M.