The April 23 Metro section article “Growth along Silver Line splits town” indicated that Reston is split regarding proposed growth along the Silver Line. I suggest that any “split” is between Reston’s residents and Fairfax County. The split relates to density rather than development.

I’ve lived in Reston for more than 35 years. Few whom I know are arguing that new development should be eliminated, especially along the Silver Line, which runs through the heart of Reston. The argument is over just how dense that new development should be allowed to get. Changes to the county’s comprehensive plans in 2014 and 2015 include so much conceptual development that if it were all approved at its maximum density, the population density limit would be exceeded by more than 18,000. Rather than scale back development, the county proposed amending the zoning ordinances “to increase the maximum permitted overall residential density” by almost 25 percent.

Since 1964 Reston has relied on the density limit to protect against overdevelopment. It forces planners to thoroughly consider every proposed development in conjunction with every other proposed development and to approve only those that provide the greatest benefit to the community and the county within the existing limit.

Reston is an inclusive community. We want to retain the unique character that makes Reston special. Don’t let the county destroy a place widely recognized as one of the premier planned communities in the world in the name of uncontrolled development.

Charles Wright, Reston