Regarding Ed Nanas’s June 28 letter, “What will happen when I ignore Virginia’s voter ID law?

I’m one of those “nice ladies behind their table” at the voting precinct that Mr. Nanas mentioned. If he follows through with his protest, here’s what will happen: I will shake my head sadly at his misdirected and ineffective show of defiance. While I may disagree with the new voter ID requirement, I’m sworn to uphold the election laws, and I’ll do so to the best of my ability, without regard to my political leanings.

I don’t know Mr. Nanas’s political leanings, but Democrats who protest the voter ID requirements in this manner will reward the very party they wish to punish. Their feel-good sense of civic responsibility will last until morning, when they learn that the GOP — which is behind the new law — has swept the elections. Not what was intended?

Contrary to what many voters seem to think, local and state elections are more important to our quality of life than national elections are. The self-disenfranchising of Democratic voters in the 2011 state elections led to the loss of Democratic control of the Senate and the loss of that party’s influence in the redistricting process. For the next 10 years, Virginians will have to live with the gerrymandered districts that resulted. Want to change the voting laws? Then come out to vote in November, bringing proper voter ID.

Eileen Hilbert, Fairfax