Voters at Burlington Elementary School in Roanoke, Va., on Nov. 7. (Stephanie Klein-Davis/The Roanoke Times via AP)

I am the daughter of Juanita Pitchford, the former voter registrar scapegoated in the Nov. 21 Metro article "Certifying of 2 close Va. races delayed."

It is unclear why there are so many questions. Most of the members of the Board of Elections were in office prior to 2016 and are still there. Most of the staff in the Fredericksburg registrar’s office is still there or, at the very least, still alive. Moreover, there was no mention of any records being reviewed.

Blaming my mother seems entirely based on the word of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés. Furthermore, even if the erroneous assignments are true, they were not put in context. Was this number outside the normal margin of error? The article noted that it’s not clear how many of the “erroneously assigned” voters actually voted in the disputed race.

My mother retired in January and died in April. Why are these “errors” just coming to light now? We know that dead (wo)men tell no tales, but apparently, they make great scapegoats.

Aliya Wong, Washington