Thousands of marchers head up Constitution Avenue as they march toward the Supreme Court building as part of the March for Life on Jan. 27. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

The Jan. 28 front-page article "Pence: 'Life is winning again in America' " focused on comments from the many Catholics who participated in the March for Life, but it should have noted that the march included many other groups.

Along the march route, I noted groups with banners and signs that included Secular Pro-Life, New Wave Feminists, Democrats for Life of America, Pro-Life Humanists and the nonsectarian Life Matters Journal. I was with a contingent from the Consistent Life Network, a group that includes opposition to abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, poverty and racism as its core commitments. The other groups mentioned espouse consistent life values as well. I also noted many individuals carrying signs with broad messages stating that the pro-life viewpoint, along with protection for the unborn, includes support for minorities, immigrants, affordable housing, child care, affordable health care and living wages. There were signs and banners protesting environmental destruction, exploitation of fear, sexual assault, torture, the death penalty and war. I even noticed a sign identifying a participant as “vegan and pro-life.” The record should reflect the diversity of groups that participated and the broad pro-life message represented at the march.

Tom Taylor, Greenbelt