If Democrats are to have any hope of defeating President Trump on Election Day, they should not waste time trying to persuade his supporters to turn their backs on him. It’s simply not going to happen.

They are going to be with him down the line, no matter what. No one knows that better than Trump, who bragged during the 2016 presidential campaign, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?” Well, no, it’s not okay. But it is probably true.

A Monmouth University poll in November found that 62 percent of Trump supporters said they could not think of “anything that Trump could do, or fail to do, in his term as president that would make [them] disapprove of the job he is doing.” There’s more. Last year’s poll result was a 12-point increase from the last time the question was asked, in January 2018. Trump’s fans today are more, not less, entrenched.

It matters not to them that Trump lied about the severity of the novel coronavirus, that he dillydallied and downplayed the looming pandemic, derided measures aimed at suppressing the disease, and foolishly and selfishly encouraged his followers to ignore warnings on social distancing and mask-wearing so they could assemble as props for his campaign events. They did what he asked because, in their eyes, Trump can do no wrong. Even though his damnable self-regard has cost precious lives.

Evidence abounds that the president is an arrogant and ignorant narcissist, and a habitual liar. We don’t need Bob Woodward’s “Rage” or Mary L. Trump’s tell-all “Too Much and Never Enough” or Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler or any number of other verifiable accounts of Trump’s nature to be convinced of his unfitness to serve as president. He disgraces his high office. His racist appeals in this campaign take the country back to a stage once thought consigned to the past.

People crammed into Trump’s world are not misinformed about or unaware of who he is. They don’t care.

Just the reverse: There’s absolutely nothing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can do to change their minds about himself or his running mate, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.).

Democrats must recognize what they are up against and focus on mobilizing the forces that can help win back the White House and the Senate, and keep the House of Representatives in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hands.

By the way, it would also be foolish to think that Trump fans are going to be hanging out in diners, tooling around in golf carts or reclining in lounge chairs waiting for Election Day to roll around.

A great many of them will be out and about helping Trump to sling mud and slime Biden and Harris as radicals with soft spots in their hearts for anarchists and inner-city predators bent on invading White suburbia.

Who do you think will be on election boards scrutinizing ballot signatures, playing games with polling sites, or otherwise scheming to make it harder for Democrats to have their votes counted and voices heard?

Instead of sputtering about Trump or fussing back at Fox News, spend time on the basics of voting.

Don’t wait around. Get up, get out, get a mail-in ballot and cast it ASAP.

People can’t vote if they aren’t registered. Don’t take it for granted that neighbors, classmates, relatives and friends who talk up a storm about ridding our nation’s capital of Trump are actually positioned to cast ballots. Ask, and if needed, tell them how to do it. Take nothing for granted.

Knocking on the doors of homes and handing out campaign literature at shopping centers involve inadvisable face-to-face contacts in the current covid-19 climate. But the virus can’t stop phone banks, direct mailings and text messages. Get involved.

And all that will come to nothing if ballots aren’t cast and counted. Again, don’t make any assumptions or wait to be told. Ask before it’s too late.

And for goodness’ sake, straighten out those Blacks, Latinos and bearers of the Progressive Grail who whine that Biden hasn’t shown them much love, so they might sit this one out.

Some did that in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. How did that work out?

Trump’s voters are beyond the reach of Biden and Harris. His disciples are energized, and, as an article of faith, they will vote.

All those longing for a return to decency and a vigorous democracy, and who believe that Biden and Harris can bring it about, must do no less than make their voices heard this election year.

All we hold dear is counting on it.

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