Megan McArdle missed the point in trying to shift blame from billionaires to the “Dream Hoarders” in her Jan. 22 op-ed, “Elizabeth Warren needs to look past billionaires.”

I am a member of that unjustly vilified uppermiddle class and an erstwhile elite Manhattan SAT tutor, so I know well what pressure drives parents to the behaviors described as “dream hoarding.” Granted, there are plenty of deplorable examples of NIMBYism, elitism and cheating on the part of bad actors (no double entendre intended), but these are only small symptoms of the larger problem. These parents are in fierce competition with one another to maintain their families’ class status — the unfortunate side effect being the squeezing out of potential new entrants — because the pie is shrinking for them, as it is for everyone but the ultrarich.

That’s why many of us believe that only structural changes to our economy can bring back the American Dream of upward class mobility. Like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), I believe that the only way to do this is to address how the current system helps billionaires get richer and fails Americans who work to earn their income and that we can do this without vilifying billionaires or any other segment of the population.

Dan Rothfarb, Annandale