A Lime dockless e-scooter in Los Angeles. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Regarding the June 10 Metro article “Area drivers get bad marks in poll”:

I’m 83 and would never mount an electric scooter yet envy e-scooter riders’ free-spirited sense of enjoyment. Nice that those surveyed judged e-scooter riders least likely to break traffic laws.

But in the D.C. central business district, a rider may whoosh dangerously past me on the sidewalk where e-scooters aren’t permitted. E-scooters sprawled on sidewalks pose hazards to wheelchair users; in other cities, piles unseen at night have toppled pedestrians, who have brought lawsuits.

Auto drivers protected by seat belts and surrounded by steel are viewed as the least law-abiding. But adding a 130-pound rider to a 30-pound scooter creates a 160-pound projectile that can mow down a pedestrian while not even injuring the rider. E-scooter training should be required.

Tino Calabia, Chevy Chase