Ninety-one years ago, insulin was first prescribed to treat diabetes. In the days of glass syringes and very long needles, a person with diabetes may have been required to “jab” himself, as The Post reported in the first paragraph of its Nov. 10 front-page article “Too much of too little.”

It is difficult to appreciate how far we have come. Modern delivery of insulin includes very short needles with invisible lubrication so that the needle practically glides into the body when gently injected. It is nearly painless, and there is certainly no need to jab.

In my 30-plus years as a nurse, I have never had a patient return to me and complain about insulin. It makes people feel better, and it is a lifesaving drug for millions. Thanks to bioengineering, synthetic insulin is the same as insulin produced by the human body. I would be happy to demonstrate to individuals at The Post how easy it is to inject insulin.

Mary Ellen K. Wolf, Herndon