I like Daniel Ellsberg. I’ve been to some of the same demonstrations as he has in the past few decades, and I think he is an American hero.

Edward Snowden? Not so much. And while Mr. Ellsberg sees a similarity between himself and Mr. Snowden [“Snowden was right to run,” op-ed, July 8], others see differences. Revealing that the U.S. government spies on its own citizens in such depth may rise to whistleblower status and illustrate a government surveillance system out of control, as Mr. Ellsberg averred, and many would agree. But unlike Mr. Ellsberg, Mr. Snowden stole information indiscriminately, not with the sole aim of strengthening our democracy but, it appears, with at least a partial aim of fomenting discord. He has also sought asylum from some governments whose people are oppressed beyond most Americans’ imaginations.

Suzanne Meyer, Washington