In “Harsh words for U.S. from Egypt” [front page, Aug. 4], Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi saidAmericans “turned [their] backs on the Egyptians.”

U.S. law provides specific guidance in this situation. Contrary to Gen. Sissi’s opinion, the United States is dedicated to helping Egypt.

The general fails to acknowledge the United States’ legal obligation to stop aiding Egypt after a military coup. As a nation of laws, the United States cannot simply support a coup against a democratically elected government because a powerful general thinks the United States has abandoned his country.

Gen. Sissi’s shortsighted comments ignore that the majority of the $70 billion in aid the United States has provided since 1948 has gone to Egypt’s military in the form of equipment and cash. Gen. Sissi could not wield the power he does without the 65 years of United States’ support for the Egyptian military .

Matthew MacRoberts, Severn