At first I thought Courtland Milloy’s June 11 column, “A white mayor in D.C.?” was sarcasm, but as I read further, I realized that he was serious. Can you imagine if the premise were reversed and a writer bemoaned the possibility of a black, Asian or Latino mayor? The piece wouldn’t be published.

More importantly, Mr. Milloy has exposed, if perhaps not on purpose, the underlying rot that bedevils the D.C. government. The people who end up in office do not have the best interests of the District’s citizens in mind; they have a warped and petty sense of privilege that leads to acts of shameful self-interest.

Progress will happen when citizens vote for people whose main goals in running for office are to build a just and caring government, not to fulfill a personal ego trip. These sort of people come in all skin colors.

Camilla Schwarz, Annapolis