Voting booths in Centreville in 2016. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

In her March 10 letter, “Get rid of this relic,” Mary Anne O’Boyle Leary suggested that we should begin dismantling and removing, by constitutional amendment, the electoral college. She pointed out that “the American people did not elect President Trump — the electoral college did.”

She’s right about that, of course. Still, I believe that a constitutional amendment eliminating the electoral college would be very difficult, if not impossible. While the Constitution has been amended a number of times, none of those amendments directly challenged its basic concepts or questioned the wisdom of the framers. So, how can we solve the inequity of the electoral college while not castigating those who conceived it? Quite easily, actually, by passing an amendment to its structure that sets the number of electors allocated to each state “in proportion to that share of the nation’s population as determined by the latest census.” This would achieve the reform we should all seek.

Peter M. Storm, Vienna