There were elephants in “Clarksburg at a crossroads” [Metro, July 18]. Taylor Chess of Peterson Cos. said his development will “improve [Ten Mile Creek’s] water quality.” I can’t think of a remaining clean, natural creek in any developed area. I grew up in Bethesda and remember catching amphibians in the creek along Willard Avenue, now a concrete culvert. Elephant-sighting confirmed.

The second elephant was the quote from Ron Kaplan of Streetscape Partners, regarding the second regional outlet mall planned for Clarksburg: “People are starved for this.” Really? People may be starved for a grocery store or library. Is anyone starving for traffic to outlet stores designed to draw shoppers from multiple counties? Not only will Interstate 270 be affected but every road in Clarksburg will suffer as out-of-town traffic seeks the route of least resistance.

Sadly, traffic will envelop our town. Paying a high cost in quality of life for factory closeout items is no bargain.

Leave Tysons Corner traffic in Virginia. This circus needs to get out of town.

Daniel Albert Jr., Boyds