Regarding Courtland Milloy’s Nov. 14 Metro column, “Throwing Ivy City under the bus”:

All too often, marginalized communities are the direct recipients of environmental burdens but receive little benefit from the placement of these harmful facilities. The decision by D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) to relocate a bus depot to Ivy City might have been the path of least economic and political resistance, but it failed to consider the social distress that the community faces.

With 20 percent of residents already diagnosed with respiratory problems, increased air pollution will lead to severe health risks and potentially premature death.

Moreover, increased noise pollution and traffic will degrade the quality of life and reduce opportunities for sustainable development.

Residents of Ivy City were promised a “green and sustainable” plan to improve their neighborhood. All that is green about Mr. Gray’s plan are the financial flows to be received for relocating the depot in Ivy City. 

Christina Kehoe, Washington