Demonstrators protest against Georgia's "heartbeat" abortion bill in Atlanta on May 25. (Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg)

In his June 11 op-ed, “Abortion advocates just helped Trump,” Michael Gerson reviewed the ethically complex political culture war over abortion. No mention was made of constitutional personal freedom of religion. I see the real issue to be a woman’s personal choice of her own body’s health care, no matter her religion, and the real fault to be lack of affordable contraceptive health care for all women.

I am a third-generation American, a Catholic-college-educated woman who had six pregnancies in her first eight years of marriage. I’m 87 and have learned that my being a Catholic does not empower me or any group of men with the right to decide what women can choose to do with their own bodies.

I have read nothing in The Post recently about the support of contraception by members of Pope John XXIII’s Second Vatican Council, way back in the 1960s. So, hurrah for Kathleen Parker, whose June 9 op-ed, “Terminate abortion, please,” nailed the subject: “If big pharma can give men hours of sexual stamina, surely it can come up with a foolproof, fail-safe method of pregnancy prevention.”

Mary Ellen Lavelle, Chevy Chase

Kathleen Parker’s June 12 op-ed, “Alabama’s medieval approach to women,” asked, “What kind of people would effectively force a 15-year-old rape victim to have a child by her step-uncle and then face the prospect of shared custody with him?”

The answer? Republicans. And my fear is several Supreme Court justices, as well. 

Kathye Hamilton, Annandale