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Opinion Evangelicals for and against Trump

Congregants at First Baptist Dallas church celebrate Freedom Sunday on June 30. (Ilana Panich-Linsman/For The Washington Post)

Regarding Elizabeth Bruenig’s Aug. 18 Opinions Essay, “In God’s Country”:

Evangelical Christian support for President Trump has been overanalyzed. Evangelicals and others will vote for him in 2020 for the simple reason that, of more than 20 major, announced presidential candidates at this point, he is the only one who is publicly pro-life and pro-religious liberty.

Noel James Augustyn, Chevy Chase

I am white. I am evangelical. I love Jesus, and I love the Bible. I am fiscally conservative but socially progressive. I find it offensive when someone says white evangelicals see President Trump as their protector. I do not. 

Black, Latino, Asian and other ethnic groups that help make up the beautiful diversity of the United States and who also believe in Jesus and the Bible (i.e., evangelical Christian tenets) find Mr. Trump to be an abomination of the ideals of liberty, freedom and equality that the United States is supposed to represent. 

At the upcoming gathering in Chicago called “Liberating Evangelicalism: Decentering Whiteness,” many of the leaders of whom I am speaking will be upholding their ideals of evangelicalism while also promoting principles of love, mercy, compassion and justice.

Mae Elise Cannon, Colorado Springs

The writer, a minister, is executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace.

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