The Aug. 12 letter from Pepco Chairman Joe Rigby and Exelon President Chris Crane, “Benefits of an energy merger,” did not deny what Anya Schoolman’s Aug. 3 Local Opinions commentary, “The Exelon-Pepco merger is bad for the D.C. area,” called Exelon’s “vociferous opposition to the federal tax credit for wind energy.” This opposition to an important policy that encourages wind energy’s growth is far from equaling support for renewable energy.

In June, an official of the Union of Concerned Scientists outlined Exelon’s work against the tax credit. He pointed out Exelon’s hypocrisy in stating that the company is “anti-subsidy” while collecting government subsidies. According to a DBL Investors report , “federal support for the nuclear industry overwhelms the other subsidies” for other forms of energy.

With the wind production tax credit in place, U.S. wind power has become a mainstream source of electricity while creating up to 80,000 well-paying jobs and fostering economic development in all 50 states. Many Americans support continuing tax incentives for wind power.

Without the tax relief in place, wind power is left to battle against up to 100 years of incentives for competing forms of energy, including fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Scott Peterson, Arlington

The writer is the executive director of the Checks and Balances Project.