Thomas Boswell was spot on in concluding that baseball and its fans are the biggest beneficiaries of anything that provides new elements of strategy [“More strategy makes revised replay fair, not foul,” Sports, March 8].

Mr. Boswell cited examples of early-inning decisions that “may haunt you the rest of the game” and potential situations in which a team may paint itself into a corner in extra innings by having already deployed all its assets. Good managers will rise to the top by virtue of their ability to figure out and command the nuances of these strategic intricacies, and bad ones will be left to the wolves and the mercy of baseball purists, who love nothing better than decisions that come with the delicious bonus of second-guessing and armchair critiquing. Given all these tantalizing benefits, it’s a mystery why baseball didn’t do away with the designated hitter years ago. This replay thing should be pretty fun, too.

Mark Handwerger, Washington