Facebook data reveal what GOP presidential candidates’ supporters ‘like’

Our social-media lives create communities with their own personalities and interests. So what is the personality of the group that “likes” Mitt Romney on Facebook? What do they read? What music do Ron Paul devotees listen to? What sports excite Newt Gingrich fans? A data-sharing application on Facebook called Wisdom, created by MicroStrategy in Tysons Corner, allows the app’s users to see the patterns among the 3.5 million profiles of their friends. A Washington Post analysis identified the Wisdom users who “like” the major Republican candidates, and revealed the books, music and sports teams that appeal to them. The rankings below show the most prominent page “likes” by each of these candidate communities, as determined by how much more a particular community likes a page than the world as a whole does. Millions of Facebook users, including the candidates’ supporters, “like” Harry Potter and the Bible, but the candidate communities do not like them more than the world as a whole, so they don’t show up in the top five. However, mixed martial arts fighter Branden Kern is more popular among Gingrich and Rick Perry supporters. Ron Paul’s “The Revolution” is very well-liked among Jon Huntsman backers. And musician Billy Bones has an unusually strong following among many candidate communities.

Post analysis by Dan Keating of more than 3.5 million Facebook users in MicroStrategy’s Wisdom, www.wisdom.com. Photo of Rashard Mendenhall by Associated Press. | The Washington Post January 6, 2012
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