Likening the first day of school at Bailey’s Elementary in Fairfax County to the opening-day crowd at Nationals Park [“ Enrollment jump puts the squeeze on Fairfax ,” front page, Sept. 5] was a clown comment, bro.

I was at Nationals Park on opening day and also at the first day of school at Bailey’s. Nationals Park is much easier to navigate.

We live a little more than a mile away from Bailey’s. The kiss-and-ride pickup line was so long that we didn’t get home until an hour after school let out. If we were to walk home, we’d be walking in the road due to the lack of sidewalks. It’s never taken us an hour to get home from Nationals Park, even when we walk blocks to our car (on sidewalks) to the parking lot after a game.

The Fairfax County Public School District is looking for a new superintendent, and Bailey’s is looking for a principal. How about hiring visionaries who possess leadership, such as Ted Lerner and Davey Johnson? Selfishly speaking, Michael Morse and Bryce Harper would be great, too.

Tammi DeVan, Falls Church