(Mort, Brian & Greg Walker/King Features Syndicate)

Why were Beetle and Sarge using a right-hand-drive Jeep in the April 4 “Beetle Bailey” comic [Style]? On maneuvers in England?

Tom Munger, Vienna

I was amused to see Dagwood and Blondie sitting down to a game of Scrabble right above the daily ScrabbleGram on April 4. Blondie had to use “ravort” in a sentence: “If ravort is not a real word, dinner will be cornflakes.” And this only a few days after ScrabbleGram claimed that “gulfier” is a real word. It is, in fact, in the Scrabble Dictionary, but it is impossible to locate a definition of the word, although it could be a form of the semi-slur “Gulfie” referring to some Arabs. As a compulsive ScrabbleGram solver, I would not mind ravorting to cornflakes for dinner on occasion if that would stop Hasbro and its agent from using quasi-words in the daily ScrabbleGram.

Jack Aubert, Falls Church