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Opinion Fairfax County needs new thinking, not Jeff McKay

Clockwise from top left: Tim Chapman, Alicia Plerhoples, Jeff C. McKay and Ryan McElveen.
Clockwise from top left: Tim Chapman, Alicia Plerhoples, Jeff C. McKay and Ryan McElveen. (Tim Chapman, Marion Meakem Photography, Evan Cantwel, Abby Sun)

The May 22 endorsement of Jeff C. McKay for chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors noted only that he has experience and connections but cited no major accomplishments. The county has been managed for years with stability that has crowded out vision and imagination, an emphasis on process that has stifled bold initiatives. Electing Mr. McKay will ensure that the county remains stuck in an endless cycle that never solves problems or fully meets the needs of vulnerable county residents.

Mr. McKay has been a participant in or even leader of underfunded and incomplete initiatives involving such issues as homelessness, affordable housing, mental-health and substance-abuse services and equal access and opportunity.

The Board of Supervisors has become complacent just as the challenge of incorporating Fairfax’s growing and diverse populations requires expansion of human services. The board chooses to raise taxes marginally yet doesn’t press those in the community who have prospered most — businesses — to share the responsibility for co-sponsoring or underwriting critical programs.

Half of the current Fairfax supervisors are not seeking reelection. It would be a shame for the new board to be led by someone who helped create and would sustain a pattern of static, process-bound governance. It is time for vision, new thinking and more creative action in Fairfax County.

Look to someone other than Mr. McKay to lead us into the future.

Glenn Kamber, Reston