Iraqi children who fled from Fallujah take shelter at a school outside the city. (Anmar Khalil/Associated Press)

Regarding the May 29 front-page article “Support for ISIS a risk in Fallujah”:

The people of Fallujah, Iraq, are ready to unite against the Islamic State thugs to take back their city. I know this because I convened leaders from Fallujah and elsewhere in Paris this past weekend. On May 28 and 29, at the Iraqi National Project-Together for Rescuing Iraq event , tribal leaders and civil society members from outside the government structure met under the leadership of my organization, Peace Ambassadors for Iraq, to discuss issues facing my country.

Iraqi leaders from the Sunni community tell of the grim choice Fallujans face: terror at the hand of the Islamic State or terror at the hand of the Tehran-backed militias. Time and again, government security forces have allowed or have been complicit in sectarian militias pillaging, enslaving and killing the inhabitants of reclaimed cities. The people of Fallujah know this fact well. Of course they desire the destruction of the Islamic State: They are held prisoners while starving and dying. But to go from one captor to the next, probably under even worse conditions, is no choice at all.

While the people of Fallujah are ready to expel the Islamic State and rid themselves of those criminals, they are not ready to accept a harsher regime in its place. One cannot fight terrorism with more terror.

Jamal al-Dhari, Amman, Jordan

The writer is president of the Iraqi National Project and founder of Peace Ambassadors for Iraq.