The Jan. 21 op-ed “Let Vermont in on New Hampshire’s action” by Jeff Danziger was utter nonsense to this Virginian. Of course, the primary system is broken and has been for decades. The idea that Iowa and New Hampshire should weed out unsuitable candidates is already absurd. These states, and Vermont for that matter, are not at all representative of the rest of the country. These very rural, very white states will always skew the results. New Hampshire is the most presumptuous, assuming it has some sort of God-given right to be first. The sheer arrogance is astonishing. I’ve heard New Hampshirites say how they like the opportunity to meet all the candidates face-to-face. Well, news flash, so would the rest of us.

We already have an absurdly long election season, causing other democracies to shake their heads in wonder. I have no idea how this can be fixed because I don’t even hear anyone trying. It should be fixable. Unlike the electoral college, it wouldn’t require a constitutional amendment. Along with the inherently undemocratic Senate and gerrymandering, it is a wonder we still feel we even have a democracy.  

Ruth Skjerseth, Reston