The chief reason I continue to subscribe to The Post is the comics pages. My children all enjoy the selection of comic strips, just as I did as a child. I have, however, been meaning to write for some time to complain about the publication of “Doonesbury” on the page. “Doonesbury” has always been better suited to the editorial page, given its political commentary and heavy satire. It is true that other comics have themes mature beyond my children’s years (the peculiar rancor of exhausted parents as exhibited by “Baby Blues,” for example), but “Doonesbury” has always been the odd one out.

This was dramatically illustrated during the week of March 12, when the strip depicted a woman visiting an abortion clinic. The same aspects of the proposed legislation that so offend Gary Trudeau and others render it an inappropriate subject for the comics page.

Regardless of one’s estimation of whether this series is print-worthy, I cannot imagine any possible defense for including it in the comics section. Please move “Doonesbury” to another location.

Carrie Frederick Frost, Charlottesville