I was glad to read in the Dec. 23 Arts section about Michelangelo’s “David-Apollo” coming to Washington [“David? Apollo? Go figure.”]. But I was not glad to have to read the article four times, backward and forward, seeking information I was convinced that I’d missed but that simply wasn’t there:What institution lent the statue to the National Gallery of Art? I had to go to the Internet to find the information: The statue is from the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence.

Sarah Elizabeth Ulis, Alexandria

In the Dec. 23 Arts section on Page E7, there was a photo with the caption: “Reporters and guests taking in the David-Apollo by Michelangelo during its Washington unveiling at the National Gallery of Art on Dec. 12.” Apart from the photographer on the left, not a single person appears to be looking at the sculpture. Apparently they find themselves more interesting than Michelangelo’s work.

William Bechhoefer,