The White House reportedly wants to remove Thomas G. Bowman from his job as VA deputy secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. (Eugene Russell)/VA Photo)

Regarding the Feb. 9 news article “White House targets VA’s top deputy as ‘a warning shot’ to agency’s leader”:

As a former deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs under President George W. Bush, I have known Thomas G. Bowman for almost 20 years. We worked together on several projects and programs while we served together at VA. I have never met a more moral, ethical and dedicated person in my 23 years in government. As a 30-year Marine officer, he brought bearing, dignity and honor to his dedication to improving the life of all veterans while serving at VA and on Capitol Hill. He is known as a fierce, caring and compassionate advocate for all veterans.

His appointment as deputy secretary last August was greeted by veterans, veteran service organizations and, perhaps most important, by VA employees as a sign of hope that someone they knew, they trusted and who understood VA and the myriad veterans’ issues was finally in a position to get things done. He has brought stability and professionalism to VA in a time of great transformation.

To fire Mr. Bowman as part of some political gamesmanship would show a contempt for veterans and a disregard for what is in the best interest of the veteran community.

Edward F. Meagher, Great Falls