The March 23 editorial “Banning assault weapons” stated that the “legitimate need to own AR-15s is minuscule.” This phrase is fairly accurate: Most people do not need an AR-15. But what about those who want one, whether it is for their personal safety, target-shooting or any other legitimate purpose?

Personally, I don’t need a 300-horsepower, two-seat car, but I wanted one and I acquired one. Do sports cars kill a disproportionate number of people compared with minivans and staid four-door ­sedans? It’s possible, but if so, I certainly hope that they won’t be banned.

Banning AR-15s from law-abiding, tax-paying citizens amounts to the same thing. The freedom and rights of the people would be infringed upon, with more control of individuals being taken by the government.

Rich Townsend, Catlett