Rob Rudick’s Sept. 12 response [“How districts are drawn should not determine voting success,” letters] to the Sept. 10 editorial discussing western Marylanders’ threat to secede from the state was perfect. The Post editorial directed alienated voters to rectify their situation through elections. Unfortunately, that no longer works. Mr. Rudick nailed the problem when he said that gerrymandered districts have subverted this democratic process.

Trying to correct this travesty state by state no longer works, either. Recent maps put in place across the country favor Republicans far more than Democrats, making it inherently unfair for Democratic states such as Maryland to reform on their own. A movement to ban partisanship from redistricting on a nationwide basis is needed. It can be done, as we have seen in several states where courts have upheld the constitutionality of independent commissions.

It’s time for Congress to agree that we need legislation to ban gerrymandering. And it’s time for the public to demand that Congress act.

Irma Shainberg Sheon, Silver Spring