Central American migrants wait for food on March 27 in a pen erected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in El Paso. (Cedar Attanasio/AP)

A couple of days ago, there was what I thought would be a blockbuster story from a woman who claimed that Donald Trump raped her in a department store dressing room. Raped her. And told friends about this at the time. I saw a few articles on it, but that’s it [“N.Y. writer says Trump assaulted her in the ’90s,” front page, June 22 , and “Trump will never answer for his treatment of women,” op-ed, June 23]. And yet I’m still seeing stories about Joe Biden having talked well more than a week ago about working collegially with Democratic segregationists in decades past [“Just more of Joe being Joe? Boy, oh boy.,” op-ed, June 23, “ Black voters cut Biden some slack — for now,” news, June 23, and “ Biden stays publicly mum about segregationist comments,” news, June 22].

If The Post is going to give so much space to things that happened decades ago, then at least give equal time to President Trump being accused of raping someone decades ago. How about stopping the “Joe Biden is a gaffe-filled candidate because he inartfully talked about the value of working civilly with those he disagreed with” stories and concentrate instead on, say, migrant children sleeping on cement floors, being given uncooked frozen food to eat and falling so ill they must be rushed to hospitals?

How about significant space talking about Mr. Trump’s policy cruelties that are taking place now? Now, instead of stories from decades ago.

Susan R. Paisner, Silver Spring

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