A worker sweeps near the high-rise apartment buildings where U.S. government workers who experienced unexplained health issues lived, in Guangzhou, China, on June 7. (Kelvin Chan/AP)

The June 24 editorial “No time for waiting” demanded, “All expertise . . . must be deployed to figure out what is happening.” There are logical explanations for the origins of the directed energy hitting those diplomats, but they avoid the implications for the brain-wounded. Sonic and other waves have been used for decades for intelligence- gathering and nearly as long for weaponized purposes. Whether the source is infrasound, ultrasound or other long-range directed-energy devices, humans are likely being bombarded with energy sufficient to cause traumatic brain injuries.

The TreatNOW Coalition, of which I am a member, has made several futile attempts to induce the State Department to treat and help heal the brain injuries caused by sound/pressure waves in Cuba and China. As with the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, State has spent infinitely more time trying to define the nature of the injury and what inflicted the wounds than on healing the “invisible wounds.” But every person suffering brain damage need not wait for forensics. Our coalition clinics use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat and help heal brain wounds. These treatments have shown terrific success in more than 3,800 cases of traumatic brain injury, concussion or post-traumatic stress in warriors and athletes and citizens. The wounded are not being told they can do more to restore their health than the use of palliative drugs and rest to mute symptoms. The wounded need to have their brain damage healed.

Rob Beckman, Arlington

The writer is chief knowledge officer of CareVector and studying traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress in brain-injured veterans.